Hooker Mountain OUtfitters

We have a few spots left for 2024 3rd season rifle! We are also Booking Hunts for 2025,2026!

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Hooker Mountain OUtfitters

Welcome To Hooker Mountain Outfitters

Greetings from Hooker Mountain Outfitters!
Our goal is to provide you with a Colorado hunting experience that is both affordable and successful. With over 34 years of experience in the outfitting business, we understand how important it is for our clients to have the best hunting experience possible and our percentage of repeat customers speaks for itself! With up to 80% of our hunters returning to hunt with us again. We are proud to have the reputation of providing successful, fun, affordable Colorado hunting experiences for our clients!

Another Great Hunting Year with The Kniestedt Foundation 2023!

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Hooker Mountain OUtfitters


At Hooker Mountain Outfitters, we understand the importance of conservation, being good stewards of the land, and have a deep appreciation for the animals we hunt. All of our hunts are fair chase and are set according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife


For those of you looking for an exceptional hunting experience, Hooker Mountain Outfitters offers some of the best private land. We provide a fully-guided hunt located in Northwest Colorado. (We do NOT provide food or lodging.) Check for availability

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Hooker Mountain OUtfitters


A good outfitting business is measured by the number of repeat clients it has each year. Because of the hard-working hunting guides at Hooker Mountain Outfitters, 80% of our clients have returned for years.



Charlie Hoffman

"From the most fantastic sunrises up on Hooker Mountain to pure elation of success in the hunt for one of earths most incredible and majestic animals Tom Kostur & Company prove over and over again their skill in guiding guys like me, in yellow here taking a beautiful Bull Elk home to South Dakota! I've been hunting with Tom since 1995 and will continue for as long as possible."


Chuck Roberts

"If you are looking for the BEST group of folks to hunt with you must look to Hooker Mountain Outfitters! Tom and his guides truly work harder that any others to provide you with a successful hunt. They have a reputation of having lots of game, knowledge, and sportsmanship. The most fun I have had in the 75 years. PS They dont mind old huntrs either."

Hooker Mountain OUtfitters

Mike Miller

"Hooker Mountain is a great hunt with a lot of animals, deer and elk, beautiful country! Tom and the guides are very accommodating from the stalk to the kill. The best thing about Hooker Mountain is that it's a fun hunt and not to demanding on a old guy like me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" ​

Hooker Mountain OUtfitters


”Have you ever find a spot you don’t want to tell anybody about because it’s so good?! Well this is the spot!! Tom and the guides work extremely hard to put you on animals and in the process I have developed life long friendships. These guys are the reason we keep coming back year after year”