Hunting Guides

Hooker Mountain Outfitters has experienced Colorado elk hunting guides who are ready to assist you on your next hunting adventure! We know that a good outfitting business is measured by the number of repeat clients it has each year, and thanks to the hard-working elk hunting guides at Hooker Mountain Outfitters, 95% of our clients have hunted with us before. Many of them for more than ten years.


Tom Kostur is the owner and Head outfitter of Hooker Mountain Outfitters and has always had a passion for hunting and the outdoors for as long as he can remember! He has 30 years of experience in the outfitting business, and It’s that passion and his knowledge of hunting, along with our professional hunting guides, that has earned Hooker Mountain Outfitters the reputation as one of the most successful operations in the area.

When you hunt Hooker Mountain Outfitters, you arrive a stranger and leave a friend

Because of our experienced and knowledgeable team of guides, our hunters have the best experience possible. You can count on the hunting guides at Hooker Mountain Outfitters to do their very best to improve your chances for a successful hunting adventure.

Tom Kostur Contact: (970) 846-4532
Outfitters License# 1465


The Hooker Mountain Outfitters Team



Owner of Legend Outfitters and specializing in mountain lion hunts. Bud has over 30 years of experience as a guide with Hooker Mountain Outfitters. He has been passionate about hunting and the outdoors for as long as he can remember! So helping you chase the animal of your dreams is a challenge that he is always up for.

JON MATTHEWS – Hunting Guide

Jon loves scouting and the outdoors all year long. He has over 15 years of experience with Hooker Mountain Outfitters and as a Colorado elk hunting guide. Jon knows the area, and he knows how to hunt it! He uses a variety of techniques, and his knowledge of the area and the game is unsurpassed. But it is his persistence and willingness to go the extra mile that brings opportunities to his hunters, and we know that you will want to come back and hunt with Jon again! and again because he will work hard to get you on your animal.

Colton Roesener


Colton has been one of our elk hunting guides for over fifteen years. An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Colton’s hunting style is focused on results, so whether you are hunting bull elk, mule deer, or just wanting to fill your freezer with one of our cow hunts, Colton makes it a top priority to make your hunt successful and fun!

GARY SENN – Hunting Guide

Gary’s passion for all things outdoors shines through his smile. If your looking for a solid elk hunting guide in Colorado, Gray has been a hunting guide for over 15 years and that vast experience comes with a sense of calm and control toward each hunt. Because he has a natural ability to instruct and the determination to make each client’s hunt exceptional, you will love every minute of your hunt with Gary!

Gary Senn
Jack Hiett

JACK HIETT – Hunting Guide

An avid hunter and outdoorsman for as long as he can remember! Jack believes in hunting smart. He enjoys hunting various big game species, but elk remains his favorite. Jack has been an elk hunting guide in Colorado for over ten years. A hunt with Jack combines his years of experience with an exceptional work ethic and passion. Jack knows how important a hunt is and makes it his top priority to make it successful for you!

AL TUCK – Hunting Guide

Al has made a career of working outdoors as an elk hunting guide in Colorado. With well over 15 years’ experience as a hunting guide for Hooker Mountain Outfitters, Al is extremely knowledgeable of the area and movement of the animals. He is patient, persistent, and applies these skills to create opportunities for his hunters. 


LARRY NEAL- Hunting Guide

Larry has always had a passion for all things outdoors and is an avid hunter. With over 15 years of guiding experience, Larry knows how to bring opportunities to his hunters. A hunt with Larry brings exceptional knowledge of the area and years of hunting experience, Larry understands how important a hunt is and makes it his top priority to make it successful for you.